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Found! ~ The organ dogs use to detect and analyse Emotional Energy

Like most mammals Dogs have an interesting organ known as the Vomeronasal organ, or for short the VNO. Often called the Jacobson’s organ. This organ sits at the end of a pair of fluid filled tubes (called the Incisive ducts) that run from between the dog’s nostrils and the roof of their mouth, ending just [...]

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New Research highlights why my Canine Hypnotherapy works!

I am thrilled that the latest issue of the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science and has recently published a study showing that the human voice is the most soothing sound to a dog! Compared to classical music, pop music, no sound played to them and even music designed specially for dogs the audio books of the [...]

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    What is Emotional Energy? – Part 2

What is Emotional Energy? – Part 2

What is Emotional Energy – Part 2   In part 1 of this article we saw that all cells in the body have a vibratory rate, a frequency. Medical ailments have a frequency, as do feelings themselves. On chemical level emotions we feel, our feelings, can be seen in the body as molecules. Molecules that [...]

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    What is Emotional Energy? – Part 1

What is Emotional Energy? – Part 1

What is Emotional Energy? – Part 1 E’Motion : energy in motion. Emotional Energy is the flow of emotions going through a living creature. As emotions are felt, they are also called feelings. All choices of behaviour depend on how your dog feels at any given moment. Their behaviour, whether labelled as ‘good or bad’, [...]

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    Gorgeous Grain-Free Superfood Pancakes for Your Dogs

Gorgeous Grain-Free Superfood Pancakes for Your Dogs

Gorgeous Chunky Grain-Free Superfood Pancakes for Your Dogs 4 eggs (organic free range of course because we love All animals.) 250ml Coconut milk (easier in the cartons sold nowadays in all supermarkets, than tins but tins ok if you mix and shake the watery bit with the creamy bit lots before using it) 125grams Flour [...]

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Top 3 ways to balance the amount of Cortisol in your dog’s system.

These are my top 3 ways to balance the amount of Cortisol in your dogs system.   1: Improve your dog’s liver health. Your dog’s liver is responsible for a 2 stage process that breaks down the fatty cortisol hormone and then directs in out of the body via urine or bile. If either stage [...]

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Why reducing your dog’s resting Cortisol levels is Crucial!

Cortisol is the secondary stress hormone, released after Adrenalin when the dog’s body experiences an event of change or concern. Concerning events can range from simply waking up in the morning, right up to an immediate threat to survival.   Cortisol is produced naturally, and is able to be removed from the body naturally too. [...]

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Has your dog ever visited you from the afterlife?

Has your dog ever visited you from the afterlife?.... or perhaps sent you signs they are safe and happy in the next dimension? During my time working at kennels I was blessed to also look after the proprietors own dogs, gorgeous huggable Pyrenean mountain dogs. Over the 18years I cared for 2 generations, watching as [...]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Ancient secrets link my Retreat centre and my dog training techniques!

Interesting ancient secrets bring together my Canine Flow training and my Retreats! The symbol of a Spiral play a huge role in my training. The Spiral is the essence of life, energy and creativity. The Spiral is also linked to the ancient Welsh history of Ceridwen the Earth Mother and Goddess of Nature. Her temple [...]

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