Molly is a fussy cat. Well, really she is simply a cat who, like most cats, relies strongly on her environment staying the same, for her to feel safe, grounded and happy.
When something changes she tends to take a while to cope with the change.
Some cats cope very well, more adaptable, more ‘flexible in the body’ cats anyway.
So, when my usual chosen brand of real meat cat food went up in price I set about researching what else was on the market.

Cats need slow transition over to a new food, due to their environment being far more important to them than what their owner shows them is ‘good’.
(Unlike dogs – dogs are mostly the opposite trusting their owners, and what their owner gives them, more than their environment)

Molly was introduced to the food slowly over a period of a week gradually mixing more of it into her bowl and less of the original food. Molly was already eating real meat cat food and a little grain free dry, which up until now I hadn’t been able to wean her from having topped onto her wet food.
I am amazed and pleased she loves the new food! as do the other 4 cats I co-own!
Now to focus on switching them to raw when possible!

How to swap a cat onto real or raw food:
Always go in this order!
Switch from a dry processed onto a wet processed
A wet processed into a wet real meat
then from a wet real meat onto a raw meat

Its is a rare cat indeed who will switch from dry processed onto raw or even real meat wet food straightaway.
In fact its a rare cat who will switch from Any food to other straightaway.
We label them as fussy when really, trust in their environment, and whats in it, is just the way cats feel safe!
We humans need to stop trying to get them to have ‘the new food we thought looked cute/good/fun in the pet shop’ and simply find a great food and stick with it.

Why feed a cat Real Meat food?
Cats are the ultimate carnivorous pet, way more carnivorous than dogs!
Dry cat foods are mostly made of Grain which doesn’t suit the health of the cats body, even if your cats dry food is grain free it will have a legume, potato or other filler instead.
Dry Cat Food does have a ‘multi vitamin/mineral’ powder added to keep your cat alive, but doesn’t contain the correct natural form Essential Fatty Acids (omega’s) or absorbable form of Minerals (a ridiculously high amount of science shows synthetic versions do not absorb properly and are thus not of use even if in the food).
There are also 7 other super important needed elements missing from processed food compared to real food, all of which you will learn on my seminars – and the science behind them for both dog and cat food.
Currently no one is teaching about pet food in this logical informative way!

EFAs and Minerals keep your cat alive and free from early degeneration! Cats are supposed to be able to live healthily way beyond 20! Nowadays almost every pet cat seems to get get kidneys issues at 9 or 10 years, Diabetes, huge teeth problems from a bad gut and subsequent mouth health, even skin conditions is on the rise in cats too – wow! they are old at 10/11yrs?, they should still be in their prime at that age.
Nature did not make a cat a carnivore to be fed ready-made processed cat food, the way most of us humans trustingly feed them.

Molly waiting for her cat food. She didn’t used to do this! You can find this brand on most pet food every websites such as ZooPlus
Various flavours available – Molly likes them all and eats way less as its real meat that satisfies her.
The cat food is called Carny from pet food label Animonda – The Real-Meat cat food brand Molly-Cat loves to eat!
Cheapest of all and yet one of the best in terms of quality!
Here is a picture of the can. 99p for 400g!

More info or help to switch your cat to a super healthy new diet on my seminars, or simply ask to chat on Skype with me!