Infinite Pawsabilities await you…

Canine-FlowProfessional Canine Hypnotherapy is a unique, safe way to transform your dog’s behaviour and aid their well-being.

When practiced alongside an understanding of the feelings and emotions that drive behaviours Canine Hypnotherapy creates deep connections, releases fears or anxieties, transforms behaviours and can also improve health issues.

Below are a series of Professional Canine Hypnotherapy audios I have put together to assist you in transforming your dogs behaviour and understanding them better today.

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Canine Hypnotherapy

General Relaxation

Canine Hypnotherapy

Separation Anxiety

Caroline Cover Hypno Separation

Canine Hypnotherapy


Caroline Cover Hypno Recall

Canine Hypnotherapy

Car Travel

Caroline Cover Hypno Car Travel

Canine Hypnotherapy


Caroline Cover Hypno Barking