So hear I stand, a vegetarian, of almost 20yrs, who spends her time educating people to go out and buy more Meat. Oh the irony!
So why do I do this?
Well, for the same reason I get up at all manner of almost daylight hours to go out walking, the same reason I have to think twice about leaving my toast on the sidetable for more than a split second and the same reason my Christmas tree has been re-tinselled at least 3 times since it went up last weekend…
Yes folks – for The Love of Dogs.
and Cats (cats being fed well is (I hope) going to be very much more ‘on trend’ in 2015 too!

Dogs need Meat, they need real meat for the majority of their diet for exactly the same reasons we don’t really need it, at least definitely not in the proportions we currently eat it.
Its an anatomical thing. Nature created our digestive systems to be quite different to a dogs and vice versa.
Nature evolved in the way it did to provide a cycle that kept the planet going and provided for all its creatures.
Carnivorous animals would eat prey uncooked – bones and all, the resulting mineralised drier stool they pass would crumble back down into earth, nourishing the plants that grew from its soil to grow strong with the minerals, herbivores would come along and eat those plants and gain their nutrition (anyone whose ever learnt anything about Tortoises for instance knows the importance of minerals from plants for their diets), carnivores would thus come along and eat the herbivores as prey.. and so it begins again.

Now at some point the Omnivore emerged, including ourselves. We found that by adding some meat content to our diet we were able to grow our brains in a way no other animal has yet been able to do as well.
Gorillas are still predominantly vegetarians for instance, eating just a little meat such as worms.
Even if proof could be found that dogs are 100% definitely designed by nature to be omnivorous (which as yet isn’t actually out there) at no point did nature evolve a canine to not eat fresh, whole or if you like ‘real’ food to stay healthy.
Cats are absolutely not omnivores and yet they too face the same challenges when fed processed foods that we have been told are safe and appropriate for them, with no apparent reason from the manufacturers for the inclusion of grains in their clearly carnivorous natural feline diets.

Amongst the regular debates between raw feeders and those still using kibbles the point that a dog actually needs Meat – cooked or otherwise, for me is kind of being missed. Those scared of this to them seemingly ‘odd new way of feeding dogs’ are sticking with kibbles for fear of not doing it Right.
But Meat even cooked lightly – not to the high temperatures of most kibbles, is a definite step up from dry foods.

I hope by running my workshops for pet owners I can uncover the myths surrounding pet food, the myths surrounding raw feeding and introduce you to simple, effective ways of feeding a dog for health and vitality.
By learning how the body functions holistically you will be able to understand why a biologically appropriate type of diet makes the health changes people who switch to a real meat diet see in their pets.

I will uncover for you exactly what is different nutritionally between processed foods and real meat diets, especially raw meats diets, and why that matters to your dog.

Diet is a HUGE contributing factor to every single illness or ailment, and even behaviour your pet has or may have in the future.
You absolutely owe it to your dog to come along and find out just what a difference food can make for them.

I teach open-mindedly, one size does not fit all!
I teach independently – no selling – what is right for your dog as an individual is what matters most to me.
I teach really cool stuff, but in a really easy to understand way.
I don’t know ‘everything’! I pride myself on learning from every one of the people I meet on my workshops too. But, I have a wealth of knowledge from 22 years of experience and study, and a whole heap of fascinating research that I can’t wait to share with you all.
After all the more informed you are the healthier and happier your dogs will be, and that’s the bit that makes me happy. J
oh and your cats too! – more than able to mention cats need for real meat diets.
Cats need happiness too 😉