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Are you providing enough Emotional Nourishment for your dog?

There is much written on the value of biochemical nutrients for a dog’s growth, health and well-being. Indeed my own book The Best Dog Diet Ever, goes into depth about the value of nutrients for dogs. Yet for a while now I have been noticing a trend with the dogs that I am called to [...]

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There is an Unseen force all around your dog, can you feel it?

Emotional Energy is the amazing unseen force that makes the world go round. It is present in every relationship and at every exchange between two creatures, human to animal, animal to animal or animal to insect, even in the exchange between insect and plant! We know on a biological level we are all made of [...]

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    New research shows flaws in the vaccines we are giving to our pets!

New research shows flaws in the vaccines we are giving to our pets!

I want to share with you a piece of research I have come across that highlights flaws in the current vaccines given to our pet dogs, cats, rabbits & even our own vaccines. I came across an article in the brilliant What The Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine, and double-checked the research online too. The [...]

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Is your dog really trying to be in charge?

Despite no dog training organisation or behavioural association now advocating the Dominance theory in canine behaviour and training, the concept remains suitably stuck with pet dog owners and a few old-school trainers alike. It is so ingrained in peoples minds, that I have often heard the term used by owners of pets such as Rabbits, [...]

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A simple household item that can transform Emotional Energy.

Wherever energy goes a frequency is held within that area, some frequencies change, perhaps into heat or light. Yet some can hang around and even build up or stagnate in an area. The energies can also grow stronger and really can influence those that enter into them or pass through them. Including your dogs, and [...]

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How dogs know a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ person!

Often before we instinctively realise, feel or suspect something about a person either positive, love based or negative, fear based our dogs have already made up their ‘mind’. Our dogs can also very easily pick up on a subconscious feeling we have about a person, either positive or negative. By the time we realise and [...]

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3 facts about dogs that only make sense when you recognise emotional energy

Dogs choose to poop in alignment with the compass point Magnetic North. In a 2013 study published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology researchers discovered that Dogs are sensitive to small variations in the earth’s magnetic field. The paper states it to be the first time a magnetic sensitivity has been proven in dogs proving [...]

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Found! ~ The organ dogs use to detect and analyse Emotional Energy

Like most mammals Dogs have an interesting organ known as the Vomeronasal organ, or for short the VNO. Often called the Jacobson’s organ. This organ sits at the end of a pair of fluid filled tubes (called the Incisive ducts) that run from between the dog’s nostrils and the roof of their mouth, ending just [...]

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New Research highlights why my Canine Hypnotherapy works!

I am thrilled that the latest issue of the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science and has recently published a study showing that the human voice is the most soothing sound to a dog! Compared to classical music, pop music, no sound played to them and even music designed specially for dogs the audio books of the [...]

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    What is Emotional Energy? – Part 1

What is Emotional Energy? – Part 1

What is Emotional Energy? – Part 1 E’Motion : energy in motion. Emotional Energy is the flow of emotions going through a living creature. As emotions are felt, they are also called feelings. All choices of behaviour depend on how your dog feels at any given moment. Their behaviour, whether labelled as ‘good or bad’, [...]

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