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    What is Emotional Energy? – Part 2

What is Emotional Energy? – Part 2

What is Emotional Energy – Part 2   In part 1 of this article we saw that all cells in the body have a vibratory rate, a frequency. Medical ailments have a frequency, as do feelings themselves. On chemical level emotions we feel, our feelings, can be seen in the body as molecules. Molecules that [...]

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How to use greens & veggies to enhance your dogs health, and solve yeast issues!

Ok so as raw feeders we are often not fans of greens and veggies in our dogs diets. But what if some certain types of plants were actually beneficial? Would we be open to understanding why that could be? Do we care about our dogs enough to want to know which plants, or actually, which [...]

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What do the Street Dogs ‘Soi Dogs’ of Thailand eat?

Being, just a little bit fascinated by food, diet and the impact different foods have on the body’s chemistry and its health. I was excited to notice the different diets of the dogs I met whilst working in Thailand at the Soi Dog Foundation. The Soi Dog Foundations monitors, cares for and sterilises where possible [...]

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Secrets of the Soi Dog Foundation

13 years ago it was common to stumble upon an injured, sick or hungry dog on the streets of the island of Phuket, Thailand’s biggest island. An island of 222 square miles, with its main industry as tourism it wasn’t long before 2 visitors with huge hearts decided enough was enough, and the concept of [...]

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The Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket, Thailand

On April 22nd, I will be visiting Phuket in Thailand to volunteer at the Soi Dog Foundation animal shelter for 2 weeks.   The Soi Dog Foundation looks after thousands of dogs every year. Some of these dogs have been rescued after being abandoned on the streets, and some have been rescued after being neglected, [...]

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What your dogs are teaching you about Spirituality!

The response to our competition on Spiritual teachings from your dog has been wonderful! The answers make a very heart-warming read. You can visit my facebook page and read all of them, they are absolutely lovely and will brighten up your day for sure! https://www.facebook.com/LoveWoofandWonder/ All the answers were so amazing; it’s almost ‘unspiritual’ to [...]

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How a Bulldog from Holland is creating Spiritual Awakening

There is no doubt about it, Animals are our teachers. Through their dogs the lovely people who attend my courses, retreats and events discover their own inner power and their true selves, time and time again. A similar experience happened to Dutch author and spiritual guru Tim van der Vliet who was so taken with [...]

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Ancient Secrets that link to my Retreats & Dog Training!

Interesting ancient secrets brings together my Canine Flow training and my Retreats! The symbol of a Spiral plays a huge role in my training. The Spiral is the essence of life, energy and creativity. The Spiral is also linked to the ancient Welsh history of Ceridwen the Earth Mother and Goddess of Nature. Her temple [...]

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Healing with Grace

  Grace a quality of moving in a smooth, relaxed, and attractive way, the second: the quality of being pleasantly polite, or a willingness to be fair and honest. Neither of these definitions accurately described the horse standing before me during my visit to Jacobs Ridge Animal Sanctuary in Spain last week. Grace a beautiful [...]

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My Blog is Your Blog!

I tend to write a fair bit on most of my blogs, so apologies but I always feel its best to address as much as possible and cover every angle with dog issues, not every dog is the same not every owner needs the same plan of action or to do the same things. Anyway, I am sure you will all enjoy the topics I cover, including:   […]

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