Students of the Albert Einstein College of medicine in New York have recently discovered that Dancing makes you smarter!

The findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine, explaining that Dancing frequently was 76% more likely to keep your mind and cognitive processes functioning healthily than other forms of exercise, such as Cycling, Swimming or playing Golf.
It was also 29% more likely to so than the infamous theory of doing crossword puzzles would do!

This has got me thinking, as for me, a dogs behaviour always starts with how they feel not how they think, I value the dogs emotional energy in my training more than their mental or physical energy.
Could it be that Dancing gives us the opportunity to express ourselves, and in that way ground and release any stressful or ‘stuck’ emotional energies?

Physical energy is clearly being used for Cycling, Swimming and Golf, and mental energies clearly utilised for the puzzles, yet something that increases our ability to freely express ourselves rates higher.
Endorphins and the serotonin released certainly cheer us up, but perhaps there is more to it than that? Expression in creative forms is known to improve our happiness after all.

How could we introduce more of the benefits of Dancing to our dog’s lives, perhaps improving their cognitive processes and behavioural choices at the same time?
Many people train their dogs to act on hand signals or commands and learn routines to display, as Dog Dancing, but if we are talking freedom of expression this more controlled version would not produce the effect the study showed.

I wondered if between us all we could come up with a top 10 freedom of expressions in Dogs!?
Do you have a photo of your dog expressing his ‘feelings’ or emotional energy?
Dancing with life,
Enjoying a romp in the park or nature ( like the one above) or
Excitedly sniffing something new? (Dogs ground and release heaps of emotions through their mouth and nose area!)
I am running a competition on my facebook page for you to add your wonderful photos. I can’t wait to see all the happy dogs!

In July in will also be launching a my practitioner course in training techniques that assist dogs, or other animals to ground emotional energy, cope with life better and release stuck emotions from their physical bodies.

Please do head to my facebook page today and add your idea and hopefully photo of your dog expressing and grounding his emotional energies!
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See you there!

Caroline x