There is no doubt about it, Animals are our teachers.
Through their dogs the lovely people who attend my courses, retreats and events discover their own inner power and their true selves, time and time again.

A similar experience happened to Dutch author and spiritual guru Tim van der Vliet who was so taken with the dog that opened up his inner world, he put him pride of place; on the front cover of his first book: Spiritual Awakening, the easy way.

The book and its concepts have all the attributes I love about being or becoming more spiritual and reading spiritual books.

Simplicity – I have often considered changing the name of my dog training work to simple dog training.

Life flows best, we flow best, when we keep things simple.
Who needs to over analyze anyway, that’s so last season.

Fun – Life, Love and Dog Ownership is supposed to be Fun. Sometimes amongst our belief sets in the ‘rights and wrongs’ of being a dog owner, coupled with the concerns over what we consider ‘good or bad’ behaviour, we forget the reason we got a dog, for companionship and Fun!.

It Flows – making it super easy to read, read again, mull over and at some point pick up in the future and exclaim, blimey ‘I Get it Now’!
So often our transformations and growth happen when we stop ‘thinking’ about them. It is when we simply allow ourselves, and our dogs to ‘be’, that we grow and become empowered.

It has 5 Core principles to follow to allow for your spiritual awakening.
It is not until you start to go down the path of understanding your soulful, spiritual self that Doing things and doing them in the right way, stops mattering.

So, while we all still feel the need for an organised, set of ‘stuff to Do’ to make our changes. This book, as with my unique training techniques for dogs, provides them.

…and of course It has a dog on the front.

To announce the first of my Canine Flow Method practitioner courses I am giving you the chance to win and enjoy a copy of Tim’s fantastic book.
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