Ok so as raw feeders we are often not fans of greens and veggies in our dogs diets. But what if some certain types of plants were actually beneficial?
Would we be open to understanding why that could be? Do we care about our dogs enough to want to know which plants, or actually, which part of plants?

If you are a greens and veggies ‘opposer’ what I propose is not necessarily to enjoying feeding them – but more to use and abuse them. Get the bits of goodness from them and then discard them again satisfactorily: without submitting to their subtle, persistant calling to be added into diets every day for those so called ‘added vitamins’…

Plants are not simply made up of vitamins! In fact the majority of vitamins your dog needs are actually found in the meat they eat, meat is full of certain vitamins needed abundantly for canine and feline health. We don’t tend to think of vitamins in meat, but in it they are.

So what else makes up plants? Is there actually anything useful in them for dogs?

The irony is that some of the plant components that your dog cannot digest easily, actually provide the goodness needed to improve their gut system, by the very act of not being digested in the same way as meat is.
Certain plants contain components that are fantastic for your dogs gut health and will help solve yeast issues and leaky gut dysbiosis problems.

Grains, especially refined processed grains and sugars feed yeast. If your dog has a yeast issue these are absolutely Not to be included in your dogs diet, if you are going to fully overcome the issue. Because you want to avoid keeping the yeast alive and well fed.

But Plants, or at least certain plants, are a different story. They feed the useful bacteria!

The logic is stop feeding the yeast and instead start feeding the beneficial bacteria, literally giving the dog the best chance of overcoming his yeasty intestinal bacterial imbalances.

So: What does that beneficial bacteria eat?, what does it thrive on?
It thrives on something called Prebiotics.
Prebiotics feed the beneficial bacteria that will:
> mend leaky gut linings – and thus improve allergic reactions, intolerances, immunity, skin issues
> improve your dogs ability to digest much needed minerals
> and break down foods into useful nutrients such as fatty acids or B vitamins.

They are a type of fibre. Sorry guys the dread fibre word.
But they are a certain type!
They are also called Oligosaccharides.

If you are to use and abuse these plants for their valuable therapeutic benefits for your dog all you need to do is a: consider if your dog either has a yeast issue in their skin/ears/toes or in the gut that needs attention or intolerance and allergies – if not, you may not even need to add them.
But if your dog has, you can use and abuse these plants and make fantastic improvements to their health!

The best Prebiotic sources for dogs?
Well, Garlic contains prebiotics,
Banana contians prebiotics
(see not so scary after all are they!),
Chicory root contains lots of prebiotics!
Berries – why not use local hedgerow types akin to a preys stomach content?
Asparagus contains prebiotics,
Green leafy vegetables – eg Kale or Spinach, contain prebiotics
(other prebiotics are available – much more suited to humans than dogs though)

Except perhaps for banana or garlic, these plants will still need to be blended to break the cellulose down for the dogs but will provide the essential often overlooked answer to once and for all healing the dogs gut lining and preventing yeast issues.
The below photo shows the happiness and health one raw feeder created simply by understanding this issue.

Prebiotics (and probotics) are one of my top 7 differences between real food and processed food.
All 7 of them showing us exactly why real food provides the health benefits it does, and all of them have been acknowledged and known about for years! No science behind raw – really!?!
Why not find out as soon as you can how to create the meals that will keep your pet living healthily for as long as possible and especially why they work – What exactly does go on in that body of theirs when they eat real food!
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