Canine Nutrition Book & Seminars

Following the publication of my book I went on to work as a Nutrition Consultant for Raw and Natural pet food companies, including the well known Pure Dog Ltd and Europe’s leading raw and natural pet food company, Natures Menu Ltd.
I was lucky enough to train and work with leading holistic vets for many years and to teach CPD seminars to Vets & Vet Nurses at the Royal Veterinary College; College of Animal Welfare, British Vet Nurse Association, the CFBA and many Agricultural colleges UK wide.

I was blessed to meet many dog owners at my UK wide Nutrition Seminars held throughout 2015.
My nutrition seminars are now mostly webinar based with occasional lectures for organisations.
However you can of course still email me if you have a question, would like personal assistance or if we have already been discussing your dog’s diet and nutrition.
Webinar dates coming very soon! Watch this space…

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This is the book your dog, has been waiting for you to read!
My first book, published in 2012. It complements my nutrition seminars brilliantly.

An absolute must for any dog owner wanting to provide the best for their dog.

An easy to read, fun, informative guide to the science and the reasoning behind why feeding raw meat, bones and a small amount of vegetables is the best diet your dog could ever be fed.

You will discover how to feed the diet, why to feed the diet and find answers to all your questions, even the controversial ones – included in this logical, enjoyable book.

  • Discover how to feed a raw diet on a budget and fit the diet into your dogs lifestyle
  • Find out how diet could be influencing your dogs behaviour
  • Discover the true nutrients and elements your dogs needs for happiness and well-being
  • Learn the anatomy of your dogs digestive system, and how different it is to a humans!
  • Learn ways the raw diet can boost immunity and improve a dogs ability to heal
  • Understand what makes up a raw diet for dogs and how to feed it effectively

Also includes raw feeding insights from:

  • Celebrity dog trainer Sophi Stewart,
  • Owner and Trainer of the Lassie movie dog – Bob Weatherwax and
  • Canine Behaviour Specialist & TV star Jez Rose.