Messages from animals and their owners, whose lives have been transformed with Caroline’s work.














“The talk was fabulous last night!! I chewed my bf’s ear off for about 30 mins when I got home and couldn’t sleep with the ideas whirling round my head!! Lovely to meet you and little Daisy. Thanks for being an inspiration and for sharing your light. :-)”
Louise (Response From an evening talk in Cambridge)


“Massive thanks to Caroline Griffith for working miracles with Koko (and me!!). Seriously this woman is amazing! If you want any info about her, let me know’”
Sonja Turner


“Stewie had a special visitor come to work with him today – Caroline Spiritualdogtrainer. Here’s a video I took as she transformed him from his usual high energy, reactive self to a state of total unrestrained relaxation. This video might not appear very sensational to anyone who doesn’t know this dog, but Stewie is fear aggressive and normally scared of everyone. In the 8 wks he’s been with me, no one but myself has got near him, Ive never seen him close his eyes and Ive only ever seen him lying.”
Janice Bannister, after a consultation. (The video is available on the love woof and wonder you tube page :-).)


“You was awesome Caroline! Lots of great knowledge, we all felt safe in your space! Loved seeing you shine your light! And meeting Daisy!”
Sarah Xoxo


“Wow – it’s something I wish I had written myself, and absolutely in line with my way of thinking. I said the same thing in a different way in my book Shock to the System. But I think you did it better.
So my antennae pricked up, and I had a look at your websites. I think we’ve probably included details of your workshops in the CHC newsletter from time to time, but I hadn’t latched onto how wonderful you are! You’re now up on the PWA website as a special correspondent! xx”
Catherine Driscoll , well known Author and founder of Canine Health Concern and the Pet Welfare Alliance.


“Thank you for such a fantastic day, you flow well and I really enjoyed it and the group was wonderful and Claire was a great help. You are an inspiration thank you Debbie xxxxxxx”
Animal Balance workshop attendee


“Loving this (spiritual dog training) treatment. I nearly fell asleep myself this afternoon when doing the spirals on Missy :-) She definitely seems better so far, quieter, calmer, more responsive, less manic where food is concerned.”
Jules and Missy Estrela Mountain Dog after a consultation.


“I am so pleased and wonderfully blessed to work and see transformation between owners and their dogs. It wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t been introduced to Caroline, thank you universe :-) xx”
Claire Bloomfield


“Caroline is great at what she does. The retreat changed our lives to the point that tonight I have two very tired dogs from playing off the lead on all their walks and with other dogs, something I wouldn’t have thought possible. All thanks to Caroline who made me trust and believe in our two amazing rescue dogs.”
Jorja Le Gallienne, Retreat Attendee


“Hi Caroline I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the animal workshop in Abington. My mum told me she could see difference in my cat the same day. Dafinka had to go on a 2hour long journey to live with my brother for a week as my parents went away on holiday, she was much calmer than usual and settled in very quickly. She normaly spends a day under a bed when she travels. And I thought she was a lost case;-)!”


“Love it! Thank you for sharing and what a great day. Was brilliant. Just reading your book now and learning my cards :)”
Natasha Woest – Animal Balance Workshop attendee