Canine Flow Training ~ The art of being with dogs

Canine Flow training techniques are powerful, heart felt, ways to influence and transform a dog’s emotional energy, the ultimate driver of behaviours.

This is a unique new way of working with, training and living with dogs that really works!

The time has come to introduce a new energy to dog training and care.
Traditionally, behaviour, training and even health has focused mostly on a dog’s mental and physical energies. Influencing through commands, games, diet and appropriate exercise or activity.
I believe there is room for a 3rd energy to be considered, the dog’s emotional energy.
An emotion is felt, feelings and emotions are one in the same. With the raise in the vibration of planet earth dogs are becoming more sensitive and reactive to their feelings. Feelings are becoming the root of all actions of behaviour.

By influencing the energy of those feelings we can transform a dogs behaviour, increase their ability to learn and release any stuck emotional energies, bringing them into balance and Flow once again.

A dogs feelings or emotional energy is linked to many aspects. All of which can play a role in how the dog feels, and thus reacts, at any given moment.
These include; our own emotional energy, our hearts state of coherence, the feelings of creatures around them, solar energy, the health of their endocrine, nervous and limbic systems, empowered intentions expected or set for them, collective species memory and cellular memory of trauma or past experiences.

All the aspects above and more can be understood and safely influenced through the techniques I have created in Canine Flow.
Practice alongside traditional training methods or used alone they have transformational influences, allowing both owners and dogs to grow, connect and find peace.

Your dog can be Calm, Connected and truly Happy….and so can You!

As your best friend and teacher you and your dog will grow together with Canine Flow.

How to become a Canine Flow Practitioner…

Our gorgeous Practitioner course location…

Bosworth Hall Hotel & Spa, Market Bosworth, UK