The response to our competition on Spiritual teachings from your dog has been wonderful!
The answers make a very heart-warming read. You can visit my facebook page and read all of them, they are absolutely lovely and will brighten up your day for sure!
All the answers were so amazing; it’s almost ‘unspiritual’ to have to pick a winner to be honest!
However, our winner was: Tracey Longhurst
Tracey wrote: Everything they show me, reflects me. I just need to keep this at the forefront of my mind!

A simple spiritual truth that corresponds with all the answers given.
Our dogs are part of our reality, we see in them different aspects of ourselves as we grow and develop.
The universe doesn’t know ‘good or bad’ it simply shows us what we send out by reflecting it back to us, as dogs owners we see our feelings, joys, fears or expression of energy most often in our dogs.
Dogs have the biggest heart mass per body size of any animal and so truly are empowering magnetic beings and The personal development animal to be around!

More Competitions coming soon everyone!